About the Charter Project

Charter Project focuses on the creative and interactive engagement of Canadians in a discussion about the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Founded in Fall 2009, The Charter Project is managed by University of Windsor Law student volunteers who believe it is important to take Charter discussion outside of the law school. The Project is run completely on a part-time, extra-curricular basis.

As our country celebrated the Charter’s 30th Anniversary on April 17, 2012, we wanted Canadians to get involved in a dialogue about rights and freedoms. As such our motto is JOIN THE DISCUSSION.

Our key initiatives include producing and distributing the videos in our video section, our classroom workshops and encouraging discussion, including through our online forums and other avenues.

Moving forward, we’re working with law students at other Canadian law schools to create other Charter Project chapters, in order to bring the Charter education into more communities.

Legacy in a Social Justice Fellowship

Our legacy goal is to raise enough money to endow a Social Justice Fellowship at the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law to provide a law student the opportunity to work for a Canadian social justice oriented organization in the summer months without any cost to the organizations.

Organizational Status

The Canada Revenue Agency has designated The Charter Project as Charitable Organization. The registration number is 84451 7110 RR 0001. The Charter Project name is registered to our non-profit organization.