Section 15 Equality Rights – A Handbook for Students

There are two download options.

Download the printer-friendly version of the handbook here.  This version should be printed double-sided then folded and stapled down the centre-fold to create a booklet:

  1. Download the printer-friendly version.
  2. Set your Print Setting to double-sided with short-edge binding.  We recommend you print a test copy before printing multiple copies.
  3. Fold each booklet in half and staple the binding.


Download the page spreads here.  This version cannot be turned into a booklet, but is designed for teachers who prefer to use traditional handouts as well as online-use.

Teacher’s Materials

These materials are essentially an annotated version of the Student Handbook which adds more detail, additional discussion questions, and helpful online resources for teachers.  You can download each individually:


Teachers are also encouraged to consult the Introduction and Learn More sections of the Student Handbook.