Interview – Legal Expert – W.A. Bogart – Part 1 of 4

The Charter Project team filmed and edited interviews with legal experts and others who can offer unique historical perspectives on The Charter, its inception, and how it affects the everyday lives of Canadians. This is the first of four excerpts from our interview with author and University of Windsor, Faculty of Law professor W. A. Bogart, Charter Project’s inaugural faculty advisor who helped the students shape the education initiative.


W. A. Bogart  B.A,.LL.B. (University of Toronto) LL.M. (Harvard).  University Professor and Professor of Law, University of Windsor.

Author of Courts and Country (Oxford University Press, Toronto, 1994), Consequences (University of Toronto Press, 2002)  Good Government?  Good Citizens? (University of British Columbia Press, 2005),  Permit But Discourage: Regulating Excessive Consumption  (Oxford University Press, New York, 2011); coeditor Access to Justice for a New Century (LSUC/Irwin Law, 2005) and several editions of The Civil Litigation Process (Emond-Montgomery, Toronto)

Has held several SSHRC and other research grants to support his research. Is a frequent consultant to government and other public bodies regarding legal and related policies.  Virtual Scholar in Residence for the Law Commission of Canada, 2002-2003.  Past member of the Board of Directors of: the Canadian Law and Society Association, Pro Bono Law Ontario, and the Policy Research Committee, the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre.  Member of the Research Ethics Board of St. Michael’s Hospital and of the Board of Directors of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

At work on his next book Regulating Obesity: Government, Society, and Questions of Public Health also to be published by Oxford University Press, New York.


Other legal expert interviewees include:

  • The Honourable Justice Ian Binnie (former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada)
  • The Honourable Justice Frank Iacobucci (former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada)
  • The Honourable Roy McMurtry (Former Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Appeal, and key participant in the drafting of The Charter)
  • R. Douglas Elliott (counsel at the Supreme Court of Canada on the Reference Re Same Sex Marriage decision)
  • Senator Jerry Grafstein (advisor to Prime Minister Trudeau when The Charter was drafted)
  • John Whyte   (Constitutional advisor in the Government of Saskatchewan during the years leading up to the patriation of the Constitution)
  • Jean Teillet (Aboriginal rights litigator)
  • André Marin (Ombudsman of Ontario)
  • Patrick Ducharme (Criminal Lawyer, Ducharme Fox LLP)
  • Jill D. Makepeace (Criminal Lawyer, Greenspan Humphrey Lavine Barristers)
  • Windsor Law Professors: Bruce Elman, Emir Crowne, David Tanovich, Laverne Jacobs, and Jasminka Kalajdzic.




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