Interview – Legal Expert – Jean Teillet – Part 2 of 4

Charter Project filmed and edited interviews with legal experts who can offer unique historical perspectives on The Charter, its inception, and how it affects the everyday lives of Canadians. This is our second of four excerpts from our interview with Aboriginal rights lawyer Jean Teillet.



Jean Teillet is called to the Bars in Ontario, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Manitoba.  She is a partner in the firm of Pape Salter Teillet with offices in Vancouver and Toronto.  Ms. Teillet specializes in Aboriginal rights litigation and negotiations, with a particular emphasis on Métis rights.

Since 1993, she has been a tutor and mentor to Aboriginal students at the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta and Osgoode Hall Law School.  As a founding member of the Métis Nation of Ontario, founding president of the Métis Nation Lawyers Association and former treasurer and vice-president of the Indigenous Bar Association of Canada, she has freely devoted her time and efforts to the Aboriginal Community.

In 2002 Ms. Teillet became the first recipient of the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Lincoln Alexander Award for her work “as a mentor and teacher and her commitment to advancing Aboriginal issues”.

The 2005 Aboriginal Justice Award was presented to Jean Teillet by the Aboriginal Law Students’ Association, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta “In Recognition of Service to the Aboriginal Community” and for her “Outstanding Contributions to the Development of Aboriginal Justice”.

Ms. Teillet is the great-grandniece of Louis Riel.

Other legal expert interviewees include:

  • The Honourable Justice Ian Binnie (former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada)
  • The Honourable Justice Frank Iacobucci (former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada)
  • The Honourable Roy McMurtry (Former Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Appeal, and key participant in the drafting of The Charter)
  • R. Douglas Elliott (counsel at the Supreme Court of Canada on the Reference Re Same Sex Marriage decision)
  • Senator Jerry Grafstein (advisor to Prime Minister Trudeau when The Charter was drafted)
  • John Whyte   (Constitutional advisor in the Government of Saskatchewan during the years leading up to the patriation of the Constitution)
  • André Marin (Ombudsman of Ontario)
  • Patrick Ducharme (Criminal Lawyer, Ducharme Fox LLP)
  • Jill D. Makepeace (Criminal Lawyer, Greenspan Humphrey Lavine Barristers)
  • Windsor Law Professors: W.A. Bogart, Emir Crowne, Bruce Elman, Laverne Jacobs, Jasminka Kalajdzic, Richard Moon and David Tanovich



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